By Joan Kennedy

We’ve all had inspired moments when we clearly see how we can do certain things, but we don’t believe in ourselves or in our ideas enough to make them a reality.

Then, sooner or later, someone else comes along with no more ability or background and does the very thing we had envisioned for ourselves.

One of our main problems is our fear of criticism.

Fear of criticism can bring on a lack of initiative and a lack of ambition, not to mention an inferiority complex! That fear creates a whopping feeling of self-doubt.

Fear  of  criticism is one of the most damaging emotions we can encounter in the pursuit of  our dreams.

On the other hand, when we actually have approval we gain confidence and this strengthens our belief in ourselves. How many dreams perish because we don’t get the needed approval?

The approval of others makes us feel good and seems to validate our decisions and abilities. We get caught up in pleasing because of our dependence on positive feedback.

Conversely, many people never set high goals because they anticipate what friends and relatives will say:

“You don’t have the background.”

“It’s been done.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

“It won’t work.”

When you start thinking that other people just may be right, you start making adjustments in your plans. The more people you talk to, the more adjustments you make.

You will never please everyone. So why try?

It takes courage to break away from negative thinking of those around us and to proceed despite the negative opinions of others.

An enormous amount of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage. When you have faith in yourself, your abilities and talents, you can pursue your dreams. But as soon as you start doubting , you’ll experience set-backs and problems.

There are three important points that will help you in the pursuit of your dreams:

  • Know and have confidence in your own talents and potential
  • Attempt the seemingly impossible – Dare
  • Persist courageously in the face of obstacles

Remember, no one has better ideas for your life than you do!

What will you dare to do in the next week?


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