About the Author

Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Women is a book to inspire and motivate action in other women. This collection of stories by 40 women who have found success through challenge, loss, heartbreak and struggle proves that despite our circumstances at any given point in our lives, we can move forward to a place of happiness, peace and connection.

About the Story Collector:

Joan KennedyJoan Kennedy is a strong and insightful speaker whose content is rich with personal experiences, optimism, and humor.  She continues to draw rave reviews from audiences of all ages, delivering a powerful message that life is for living now, and “The goal for all of us is a life of good health, productivity, fun, and laughter.”

Living life and defying the myths of aging, Joan has spent a lifetime battling life’s adversities with humor, grit, and joy. Joan published three books.  The third book, What’s Age Got to do With It?, is a quick and inspirational read for anyone eager to change. She also produced several booklets and a CD for babies called Lull-a-Baby, which is a collection of lullabies filled with positive and loving messages.

Joan has spread her philosophy through books and speaking engagements across the country. She has worked with major corporations, health care organizations, conventions and conferences, and groups of all sizes and ages.

Three major factors in living the good life with energy and productivity are simply: Protect your health, at all cost.  Have a positive attitude.  Keep your dreams alive and set goals for your future.

Joan has spent over 35 years striding across stages with energy and enthusiasm, proudly billing herself as the “oldest female motivational speaker in the country.”

For further information about Joan’s books and workshops, or to schedule her for a presentation, contact Joan at:

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