Are You Talking To Me?

By: Joan Kennedy

The ancient philosopher Epectetus said,

“Man is troubled not by things, but by the view he takes of them.”

So, what have you been telling yourself today? Have you fretted about your future, nagged yourself about your past, have you chided yourself for making a mistake, the wrong decision, or have you praised and supported yourself?

If you don’t remember what you said to yourself today, you’re not alone. There are things we say to ourselves that we are not even aware , because this self-talk is so familiar to us.

But, it’s exactly this programming that limits our success and our ability to change. Our inner dialogue can immobilize us.

Listening is the first step toward changing it.

The greatest discovery we can make is to learn of the wisdom and power that dwells within us, it enables us to overcome problems and achieve more in life. We are all equipped with the necessary elements, qualities and potential to make our lives the one we truly want to live.

This wisdom and power will bring you more love, more success, more money, more confidence, more happiness and more peace of mind.

But it can also bring you more fialure, more frustration, more fear and more self-doubt.

It only waits for you to tell it what to do.

Here’s the good part, the experts tell us this Power is so subject to our suggestions that in affirmations we have a tool of extraordinary power, we can raise our self image, thereby raising our potential–we can literally change the course of our lives by changing our inner dialogue.

Change what’s happening inside, to create a whole new world for yourself outside.